FILIACOM.S.A. was originally established in 1974 under the name Filiates Textile Co. As such it operated for the next 20 years as a vertical textile spinning and weaving operation. In 1995 the textile business ceased operations. The company was reactivated under its new name in 2005, focusing its activities in developing its real estate property through investments, logistics and consulting. It is currently in the process of transforming its site in Filiates into an environmental and energy business park. It is presently leasing factory space for recycling of PET plastic bottles and for the establishment of a photovoltaic park. FILIACOM S.A. is also an official collection point of PV modules.

REAL ESTATE: Available space for industrial and logistic facilities.

CONSULTING: Financial and technical project analysis, project implementation and management.

LOGISTICS: Available space with power and communications provisions.

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