Introduction – Mission

FiliaSol S.A. was established in April 2007 for the purpose of investments and consulting in Renewable Energy Projects.

Filiasol S.A. is dedicated at promoting the penetration of renewable energy sources in the Greek energy market. It is our strong belief that Greece is among the few markets that are prime for the development of renewable energy sources, yet lacking in the appropriate expertise. As such, we aim at developing a close alliance with leading global corporations to provide consulting services for entities interested in developing activities in this field.

The sources of energy that we believe are most pertinent to our capabilities and the opportunities in the Greek market are solar, wind, biomass, and fuel cells as they relate to both energy parks and energy-efficient buildings. Through our diverse team, we can provide advice spanning from technical specifications, to marketing as well as project management and financing.

We believe that our organization, in cooperation with companies sharing the same vision, can leverage each other’s areas of expertise to develop a leading role in energy consulting in Greece. We sincerely hope that you share our vision and interest in this market. If that is the case, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss mutual interests and areas of cooperation.

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